Cryptos Put Control Back in Your Hands

20.09.2017 • France

Simone Wapler – La Chronique Agora (France) –

The reflections on the bitcoin and the cryptomonies reveal the stakes of the control by the Parasitocracy of the currency, the inflation and the taxes. In my soil, the harvest is now well advanced. The chimneys smoke, the chase has just opened. Bitcoin is not commonly traded between vines and woods. A deer’s thigh against six bottles of white … Jams against cheese … Nuts against oil … A helping hand with a tractor to redo a path against a hand for a roof … Firewood against the masonry … Everything knows but little is said. Bartering always runs, cash is also available. Back in town and finance. The great merit of bitcoin or other cryptomonies is to have kicked the anthill of fiduciary currencies, teeming with parasitocrats. People are starting to think again. “What is the true value of the bitcoin? “Asks columnist James Mackintosh in The Wall Street Journal today. “The big central banks can no longer ignore the expansion of the bitcoin,” says the Bank for International Settlements, which recommends these major central banks to issue their own cryptomonials. Jamie Dimon, president of JPMorgan Chase & Co talks about “scam”. Why, then, do cryptomata disturb as certain as they arouse the enthusiasm of others? Russia hates it … and Saudi Arabia more Discover the mysterious substance that shakes the world’s oil powers – and could bring you spectacular gains: just put that value in the portfolio. Click here to find out more. After all these are only fiat currencies , which have no market value, unlike gold or silver. These currencies need confidence to have value. Compared to an official fiat currency , cryptomonas are simply: Designed to be non-inflationary (available in limited quantities) Managed in a decentralized way and independent of any state or authority But precisely, these two characteristics – which are qualities for their supporters – are horrible defects for the Parasitocracy which is enriched with the fiat currencies controlled by it. The link between state money and taxes Because inflation is a tax. Thanks to inflation, the state increases its revenues and reduces the real weight of its debt. It feeds savers and favors the debtors and its clerks. The ants weep and the cicadas clink at the new harvest. There is an inextricable link between money and taxes – that is why states and governments want to control money since the dawn of time. The centralization of the currency is essential to the collection of the tax. A state, a government must face expenses. He needs soldiers, police, judges, civil servants, tax collectors, and everyone. He must therefore levy and tax the activities of other people. Of course, few people would spontaneously pay taxes. In fact, if they had a choice, very few people would pay taxes. Catholics have the money of worship, a tax of which the faithful themselves fix the amount in their soul and conscience. That, I think, is a rare case of voluntary taxation. For the majority of political organizations, legal force – money or prison – is required for the tax to return. To facilitate the tax, governments impose the currency in which taxes are due. Let’s assume that the bitcoin gets generalized but you have to continue paying your home tax and your income tax in euros. At one point, you would need euros to pay your taxes and avoid worries. Your neighbor is in the same situation as you, as well as your neighbor’s neighbor. [Editor’s note: You’ve probably already received your property tax. Know that this tax on the complicated tax base is riddled with error. How to check, make opposition, get up to 50% discount, rebates and rebates? Everything is here! ] This creates a demand for euros that otherwise would not exist. “And then, the fine business, maybe you think, the Treasury has only to accept the bitcoins or other cryptobidules! ” But no, unhappy, he can not. Because he can not create them himself, the bitcoins and other cryptomonies. This is the whole question of the inflation with which we have been inflated (literally and figuratively) for decades of Keynesianism. Inflation is not a sign of an overheating economy. Inflation is simply a tax. This tax is obtained through monetary creation. The central banks target of 2% inflation is simply a generalized tax target. The states want to control the currency and want the fiduciary money (which is based on nothing) only for that. A roe of deer against six bottles of white, neither seen nor known, is the nightmare of the collector!

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