France to Invest €1,000 per Inhabitant

27.09.2017 • France

Simone Wapler – La Chronique Agora (France) –

The investment plan of this new government is a déjà vu which, like the preceding ones, will bring nothing new, except for the Parasitocracy. The French state will invest, once again. A large plan for € 57 billion over five years (almost € 1,000 per inhabitant). For decades the state has “invested”, the debt is growing. There has never been a return on investment for everyone. That’s all the same weird …

As the debt grows, growth stagnates and the unemployment rate remains one of the highest in Europe. Since 1974, the French state has never had a single budget in equilibrium and always “invests” tirelessly.

Always with the same results. Perhaps it would be better for the State not to invest any more … But this is not the solution adopted by the Parasitocracy, which keeps me unemployed and allows me to continue writing. Do you have a 50 euro note in your pocket? Then you could have all you need to become a millionaire! Only condition to take advantage of this wave of unprecedented profits that is about to surge? All information is waiting for you here:  read quickly …

When the State invests, it has two ways of financing these investments: by tax or by debt (which is deferred tax). On the tax side the cut is full, the government understood that the “ras-le-bol fiscal” could be expensive. So the debt – and 0.7% interest over 10 years, it’s not expensive. Let us see what this plan holds for us. After all, maybe there’s something new in there … “

Accelerating the ecological transition”: € 20 billion “Building a society of competence”: € 15 billion “Anchoring competitiveness on innovation”: € 13 billion “Building the State of the digital age”: € 9 billion Ecological transition: we will not talk about EDF, Areva, ecotaxes porticos or the massacre with the wind turbine . “The number of heat sinks occupied by modest household owners or tenants of the social park will be divided by two,” promises us. But so simply, these same households were allowed to do the work which suited them by stopping to tax them? The tenants of the social park could benefit from a rent rebate … Building a society of competence?

I asked myself what exactly was a Jurisdiction. Would we have a “society of incompetence”? The image of SNCF this summer vaguely imposed on my brain but I immediately dismissed this misunderstanding. Le Figaro explains to me that it is a matter of “promoting experiments in favor of the training of teachers and teachers, to bring about new solutions through the development of digital technology”. I do not see how the digital experiments of the Mammoth will someday be sources of return on investment and my lantern is no more enlightened. Let’s move on to the next panel. Anchoring competitiveness on innovation?

According to Le Figaro, this is to “support the most innovative young companies in growth, through state investments in equity and the launch of innovation competitions in strategic areas”. How is this program different from previous ones? All this is a jumble of wooden tongue, already seen, tiresome, wearing. Who decides that a particular company is “the most innovative”? Is not it his own customers whose affluence creates just growth?

Why would the public investment bank or Oséo officials be more clairvoyant than entrepreneurs (who risk their own money and not others), the market and competition? What if we left the companies alone? No taxation, no complication, no subsidy … A real shock of simplification, for once. Building the State of the Digital Age? There, quite frankly, I am impressed. I recently paid my taxes by presenting the small square “QR code” which appeared on the notice vis-a-vis the application impots.gouv previously loaded on my mobile phone presumed “intelligent”. My bank account was greedy sucked on time.

No stamp, no TIP, no transfer, no check, nothing … Pfffuiiiit, my money flew to Bercy. What are they going to do better? Introduce a flea under the skin, probably. But where is the return on investment? As Bill Bonner explains , all this only covers win-lose, forcibly, coerced, coercive agreements. € 57bn less to spend, as we understand it, in saving, investment, spending, frivolities.

€ 57bn more debt coming to plunge growth. But part of the € 57 billion will be used to enrich the Parasitocracy, Mr Pisani-Ferry, who is not working for free, public investment bank officials, pedagogists who are going to think about future experiments … An enlightened parasite, living on the money of others (taxpayers) and giving lessons to those who risk theirs [Editor’s note: Fed up with win-lose exchanges?

Join the discreet club of new millionaires who do not belong to the Parasitocracy. Click here to register .] This Macron government confirms that change is not now, not tomorrow. We will have to wait until we go bankrupt and the IMF looks at our case.

Here, as I am in a laughing mood this morning, let us end with the text of a song by Moby quite adapted to the situation:

Growing in numbers

Growing in speed

Can not fight the future

Can not fight what I see

-

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