Are You a Victim to Organized Crime?

03.10.2017 • France

Simone Wapler – La Chronique Agora (France) –

Taxes in France remain a subject of disgust as shown by discussions on taxes “m’as-tu vu”

Chase the natural, it returns to the gallop …

The debate on the taxation of yachts proves that France is a country that is always well on the road to Marxism. Theflattaxis already dead because real estate income is not there.

Reduction and simplification of the taxes promised by Emmanuel Macron have lived four months. Return of old demons, jealousy and resentment.

The French economy is 57% controlled by the State. This is what the left calls ultra-liberalism or neo-liberalism.

100% of state control is Marxism with the economic successes it is known and 0% it is the anarchy.

We are therefore closer to Marxism than to any other regime.

Nous sommes plus près du marxisme que de tout autre régime.

Nous sommes plus près du marxisme que de tout autre régime.As you may know, nuance is not my forte. One could quibble to infinity to know where should be the cursor to enter the zone of “economic liberalism”.

According to the OECD (ultra-neoliberal international civil servants), from 46% of GDP, public expenditure becomes sterile or even harmful. This kind of study is not popular in our sweet France, so little relayed in the subsidized media.

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In examining the methods of manipulation, I realized that it was necessary to have excessive demands to achieve an objective. For example, if you are liberal, support anarchy. Then make concessions to the opposing camp (those who want to control the lives of people from the manger to the grave) and you may be able to bring back the cursor of public spending backwards.

Taxation without consent is only racketeering

In this spirit, I would like to develop the following argument: tax is a theft. The State takes it by force. To my knowledge, there are no countries where there are trunks in which everyone would put their money to finance the main functions of the State (police, justice and possibly armed forces) and the way of life of the government. To the extent that the money is taken under duress (you are imprisoned if you do not pay), there is theft.

In order for the tax to be no longer theft, there would have to be an explicit consent of each. On paper, democratic representation is supposed to guarantee consent. In practice, this is not the case. If this were the case, parliamentary debates and budgets would focus on the utility and cost of public spending. Each expense would be examined carefully and carefully. Then the rate of oneflattaxto recover the necessary money would be fixed. Again, all the studies show thatflattaxis the simplest, most effective tax.

In France, this does not happen. Taxation is only discussed as an instrument of “social justice”, “redistribution”.

Everyone accepts “the tax of others”, the one that he does not pay and therefore must be as high as possible. Everyone dreams of escaping tax and receiving “the money of others.”

The political game consists in distributing the money of the others to as many as possible in order to buy votes and to take this money to the smallest possible number, if possible by making the victims hateful.

To hide theft, taxation is illegible, incomprehensible and puts everyone at the mercy of a zealous controller.[Editor’s note: Save on your taxes by declaring the fair value of your assets. You pay the tax on the real estate, you prepare a donation, you have to leave a joint ownership … How to valorize your property, what methods to use (including those of the tax)?Discover all the answers here.]

Racket Complices

One of my sons, still a teenager, was the victim of a racket in the RER C on Wednesday at 16:00 at the age of 16. His three assailants were provided with cutters. In the car, eight adults watched the ground or read their newspapers very carefully so as not to have to intervene. The cameras on the dock recorded the end of the attack. When his father accompanied him to file a complaint at the police station (a minor can not file a complaint), he quickly realized that this trivial matter was of no interest to anyone. Two months later, the stolen scooter of the son of President Nicolas Sarkozy was found thanks to DNA tracks. This case was certainly more interesting.

Those who go into the game to congratulate others pay taxes are exactly like those who look down at someone being racketeered. Accomplices.

If X, Y, Z wants to afford a yacht, a racehorse, a private jet, luxury cars, how does that deprive us of something? Did these people steal their money? If so, then the laws are badly done. If not, why should not they have the right to do what they want with what they have legitimately acquired?

Our vocation is not the perpetual sacrifice!

The word “solidarity” is generally used as a basis for an obligation to accept redistribution: those who, in financial terms, have the capacity to help others should do so.

One immediately sees that this reasoning mixes two very different things: on the one hand, assistance to a person in danger; and, on the other hand, the acceptance of a process of redistribution which involves the more or less equalization of the material means of existence.

It is constantly asserted that it would be a duty of solidarity to submit to the compulsory redistribution organized by the State. The individual should sacrifice himself for others, less fortunate, less skilled or even less talented or less hard-working and give up part of what he has produced through his work or his creativity to reduce differences in income or fortune, to the extent arbitrarily required by those exercising power. “

Thierry Afschrift, professor of tax law at the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

The tyranny of redistribution, The Belles Lettres

If you accept this reasoning, you become an accomplice of the tyranny of redistribution. How far ? Do you want the cursor to be 100%?

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