Catalan Independence Could Cause the Euro to Nose-Dive

03.10.2017 • France

Simone Wapler – La Chronique Agora (France) –

Catalonia highlights the failure of solidarity, this charity made with the money of others for
electoral purposes. Is a new “euro crisis” emerging?

The Catalans voted when they did not have the right according to the Spanish state. They
have “badly voted” and would like to declare themselves independent this week.

2.26 million Catalans voted
That is, 40% of the 5.4 million voters
90% are for independence
760 people were wounded by the Spanish police who wanted to seize the ballot boxes.

Charles Puigdemont, the president, calls on the European Parliament to support Catalonia:
“Catalan citizens have won the right to an independent state” and wishes to proclaim it on 6
October. On October 6, 1934, Lluys Companys, his predecessor, declared the independence of
the region. It was executed by Franco.

Will the appeal of Puigdemont to the European Parliament be heard? Do you know your own

Allow me to answer “no” to both questions (those who really know the rst
name and the
name of their MEP and how to contact him have the right to let off steam and send me rotten
cyber tomatoes).

The European Parliament supports major projects, noble causes, peace in Europe, friendship
between peoples and the common good. All these noble designs need more and more
federalism, transfers from one country to another, money from others. In short, a European
government, with European taxes. This is the direction Emmanuel Macron wishes to take
even if the Germans do not entirely agree.

The Catalans, on the contrary, no longer want to pay for “the others”, starting with the
Spaniards. Under these conditions, why would the Catalans want to pay for the Greeks, the
Italians or even the French?
“Europe, like a zombie, supports Spain,” says Charles Puigdemont.

It is the whole question of “solidarity” and “transfers” that the Catalans pose – the charity
made by politicians with “the money of others”, that of the taxpayers over which they have no
control .
Local solidarity is fairly well accepted. Everyone can concretely see the effects around him of
collectivist charity. Anyone can then vote for more or less taxes. Everyone can go to his
mayor or his deputy and disagree. The borrowing capacities of municipalities or departments
are limited.

But when distant governments nance
by tax and by the debt of the bankrupt banks and the
gabegies, the minority which pays ends up rebelling.

Yes, it is a matter of money and to convince you, here is what the Financial Times said as late
as September 18: Independence would be a disaster for Spanish banks.

Solidarity, that is, charity with the money of others, stumbles on its limits.
The “others”, those who pay, are fewer and fewer, while those who receive something in
exchange for nothing are more and more numerous. The rotten claims are piled up.

Everything is in place: a shaky nancial
system supports a clientelist political system and a
legislative power that pretends to be involved in everything and has long forgotten that
contributions should nance
the powers of the regency.

Far-away democracy is a farce. You will never nd
your world MP to tell him that the global
law he is about to vote is stupid. Your World MP will never be responsible for a global

Mismanagement can be an illusion from a distance, but it is not possible to do so.
This is why the distant democracy is so supported by the Parasitocracy. The principle of
subsidiarity, initially engraved in the European project, has been buried for a long time:
“The responsibility for a public action, where it is necessary, rests with the competent
entity closest to those directly concerned by the action. ”
What’s going to happen now?

The euro plunges against the dollar.

If the Spanish debt plunges too, Mr. Mario Draghi will have to create more and more euros to
support the price. € 60 bn per month will they suce?

Will the foreign creditors of Europe not
be afraid?

A monetary crisis is looming and the survival of the euro as we know it today is not at all

The bubble of sovereign bonds is much more gigantic than that of the bitcoin and it is the
bubble of “solidarity”. [Editor’s note: Is your portfolio ready to face a new euro crisis? Check it
here .]

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