Spanish Police Brutalized 2 Million Catalan Voters

04.10.2017 • Switzerland

Olivier Perrin – The Brave Little Economist (Switzerland) –

Dear reader,

Spain threatens to sink into chaos.

And I weigh my words.

Chaossocial, chaosfinancial, chaoseconomic

It is the whole of Europe which it is likely to cause in the crisis.

Catalonia isthe richest region of Spain, with less unemployment and more exports:she went on a general strike hie

With 700,000 demonstrators out of a population of 7.5 million Catalans, it is as if 6 million French had demonstrated in the streets … Never seen.

Banks in the country are plunging again… just 4 months after the bank panic and the bankruptcy of Banco Popular (when I told you that nothing was settled …).

Banco Santander who had absorbed Banco Popular in a hurry saw its course fall.

The Catalan banks, however, are in turmoil, caught in the dangerous game of financial repression that beginswithout a doubtin place.

We will not know until after the role of everyone but already in 2010 the ECB had blown hot and cold in Greece, Italy and Ireland conditioning its aid to political reforms … In all illegality and in total secrecy at the time.

Especially the army and police brutalized 2 million Catalans who went to the polls.

This weekend, 2 million Catalans voted for independence.

In proportion this is equivalent to the 20 million French who voted for Emmanuel Macron in the second round of the presidential.

Explain to me why Mr. Macron would be legitimate and not the claims of the Catalans?

And again, the voters took insane risks, Madrid had:

  1. seized millions of newsletter,
  2. Confiscated thousands of urns,
  3. closed hundreds of polling stations,
  4. sent 6,000 policemen and military personnel (hosted in cruise ships) …
  5. not to mention the assessors and presidents of offices who risk imprisonment and fines of € 300,000 …For upholding an inalienable democratic right

King Felipe, the guarantor of the unity of the country, could have appeased everything by admitting the obvious and calling for a formal referendum. Instead, he inveighed the Catalans. He stepped on them.

He would not have done otherwise if he had wanted confrontation, war with the enemy brother.

Besides, you know the joke of the week?

Message from Madrid to the police sent to Catalonia:Go ahead Franco.


See this Catalan, is it and the 900 wounded during the referendum have heads of evil terrorists?Heho, gentlemen of the policemen, you have nothing better to do?

Europe as it is today is war in 10 years.

And do not come and tell me that it is the Catalans who are responsible for it. They play the game of democracy.


  • How is it that the independence movements, nonexistent at the beginning of the 2000s, are today the majority?
  • Why did the UK want to leave the EU?
  • Why do the three big Italian opposition parties all want to get out of the Euro as their single currency?
  • Why did Greece want to get out of the Euro? And why was it refused this choice expressed by a large majority in the ballot boxes?
  • And tomorrow to whom the turn?

Is that democracy? The Europe of peace?

Last Wednesday, President Macron in a great speech on Europe affirmed, aggressive:

I will not letNOTHING, nothing to all those who promise national hatred, division or withdrawal.

But who promises hatred and division? Who is a pacifist who is warlike?

Mr. Macron, so prompt in commenting, abstained from the Catalan referendum. It was because he had not made it clear that when he wanted to leave nothing to the people, that included their fundamental rights.

We are entering an era of social and financial repression.

This is precisely the moment that the European Union chooses to take control of your bank account.

The alert given by Olivier Delamarche last July is more relevant than ever.It has already been watched by more than one million people(on YouTube and taken over by dozens of sites and blogs). But we have to be even more so.

Listen to or re-listen to this message URGENT by Olivier Delamarcheand forward it to your address book, share it on FB and on social networks.

To your good fortune,

Olivier Perrin

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