Only a quick note from me today.

I’m writing to you backstage during a short break at our investment conference at the IET Savoy. It’s been a busy, but thoroughly enjoyable morning so far.

All of our speakers have been hugely informative.

Tim Price offered up a rational solution for how to survive what we are calling “The War on You”.

And MEP Daniel Hannan’s presentation was everything I expected from such an esteemed political speaker.

But Sam Volkering’s talk on cryptocurrencies really struck a chord with me. Sam looked at the bigger picture for cryptos, and what could happen with them further down the line – if they make the kind of impact he’s expecting them to.

Sam knows this sector like the back of his hand – and he’s forecasting huge disruption to not only the financial system, but to society as a whole.

I believe it’s absolutely critical that you get up to speed on cryptocurrencies too – from an investment perspective.


It’ll tell you everything you need to know about what is currently the fastest rising market on the planet.

It’s a great read… but I won’t take up any more of your time now.

I’ve got a busy afternoon a of me, and presentations from the likes of Akhil Patel, Eoin Treacy, Nick Hubble, Charlie Morris and Bill Bonner to look forward to.

Many thanks,

Nick O'Connor Signature

Nick O'Connor SignatureNick O’Connor
Publisher, Southbank Investment Research