Don’t Choose Between Bitcoin and Gold… Invest in Both!

27.11.2017 • Switzerland

Olivier Perrin – The Brave Little Economist (Switzerland) –

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is close to $ 10,000, just a few days after my 5th purchase recommendation where I told you to target Bitcoin for $ 10,000 (and who I still worth some insults messages).

If you hold bitcoins,  it’s time to take profits .

Bitcoin is well on the way to break the $ 10,000 mark quickly, but I would not wait until then because once this bar has passed it would be normal, and even desirable, that Bitcoin corrects … and if everyone wants take profits at $ 10,000, there may be liquidity problems. I remind you that Bitcoin is a small market that can quickly become bottled.

This recommendation does not change my long-term goal of a Bitcoin over $ 100,000. It’s not about playing roulette but acting strategically, taking advantage of Bitcoin’s bullish volatility and taking regular profits.

Of course when you sell, it’s also about knowing what you’re going to do with your profit. Do you have something better to do with your investment?

  • There are of course other cryptocurrencies. But their course follow in part that Bitcoin gives the  La , there is a risk that the entire cryptos sector suffers the day the Bitcoin unscrews.
  • I advise you to keep some of your surplus value in cash to buy Bitcoin after correction.
  • I also advise you to take a look at the gold  that has been rather battered this year but retains its supreme chaos insurance function in addition to good prospects in the medium term.

Bitcoin and gold are complementary and if I were you, I would not choose, there is no reason to put all your eggs in one basket.

I remind you 2 essential conditions to buy gold: it must be physical  and  outside the banking system.

If you do not have it already,  click here to request your copy of the gold practice file I wrote .

To your good fortune

Olivier Perrin

PS: For those who still find that Bitcoin is a madness whose course has still taken $ 1500 for a week, say that this is never more than $ 30 billion of capitalization and more.

In the same week, global stock markets added $ 1.3 trillion in capitalization, 40 times more.

If there is one thing that I DO NOT advise you to buy shares now , either directly or through life insurance account units, business plans or ETFs . Moreover, Warren Buffet himself is currently largely disinvested in stock markets … the last time he had so much money available on his bank accounts was in 1999.

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