Bitcoin Could Be Your Fast-track to Financial Independence

06.12.2017 • Switzerland

Olivier Perrin – The Brave Little Economist (Switzerland) –

Dear reader,

Look at this chart published by Bloomberg:

No, this is not yet another Bitcoin graph, even if it looks like it.

Here we are talking about 100 trillion dollars … 100,000,000,000 … 14 zeros after the comma. Even the insults of Captain Haddock can not keep up.

But we are not talking about derivatives and other nonchalant things out of the fertile mind of our bankers to make more gold with lead (and more they want you to believe that their alchemists, these accountants).


100 trillion dollars is the value of publicly traded companies around the world.

Here we talk about real, businesses, factories, offices, employees …

And the big problem is that this stock market valuation is accelerating much faster than global growth:  on average since 2003, stock market valuations have risen 4 times faster than global growth  (12% on average for stock markets versus 3 % growth according to the World Bank).

In short, it’s the crisis everywhere, except on the stock market, and they do not see the problem.

This is because this stock exchange is no longer a real stock market that distributes value according to the performance of companies. No, our purses today are real zombies inflated at the bike pump of central banks.

Excluding these same central banks announce that they will gently close the cash tap … Except that the markets do not believe them and continue their delirious acceleration.

Even as you hope hard to come out of 10 years of crisis, the stock markets, they, are finishing the biggest bull cycle of their history.

Today it is delusional not to insure your wealth against the risk of explosion of stock market and property bubbles.

For that, there are not a thousand solutions.

There is  gold , there is  Bitcoin  and  demonetisation  (bartering).

Bitcoin is an alternative solution specifically designed to free itself from the excesses of banks and the financial system. And it works! Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies allow you not only to insure yourself against bank failure, but also to   make regular profits and become financially independent, no matter what your starting situation.

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To your good fortune,

Olivier Perrin

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