When to Expect Bitcoin’s Descent into Hell

11.12.2017 • France

Simone Wapler – La Chronique Agora (France) –

Bitcoin peaks, defends the chronicles.

Diabolical, the hell of Dante, antisocial, the most grotesque bubble of all the bubbles … for its detractors (most often parasitocrats) who spoke this week – from Joseph Stiglitz to Jean Tirole via Howard Davis and I forget it.

Maybe, but not only …

Bitcoin is – like gold – something like ”  fuck the system” (FTS).

The system, what “system” do you ask for the suspicious eye?

The system of adulterated money. The system according to which those who have money aside or who want to put aside it are being spoiled by monetary policies, competitive devaluations, manipulation of rates, taxation, quantitative easings , monetary creations of central bankers.

Central bankers have succeeded in more or less taming gold with barriers, difficulties, taxes, etc. They still have some in their coffers (and more and more, since the crisis).

They have to watch the bitcoin …

This “virtual currency”, created by someone who does not exist and who died, taunts them.

The name of the creator, Satoshi Nakamato, is a pseudonym; the history of letters emanating from the community suggests that this creator would have disappeared.

This competition is unbearable, especially since it comes at a very bad time.

We are looking for a turnaround in the world’s largest official virtual currency – the dollar. If this reversal of the trend is confirmed, the FTS currencies should have a bright future and the official virtual currencies a slow descent into hell.

As Bill Bonner explained to you on Friday , US Treasury yields are rising again. It will be a long trend, 30 years.

“A long bond bear market is something terrifying. Inflation erodes the regular income payments you get from your obligations … as well as the value of the capital you get back when the bond matures. The market value of the bond also falls. The pain persists … day after day … year after year … for decades. In general, it takes a whole generation to forget about it.

Markets are trying to correct themselves and the state is trying to stop them. Then we enter the next phase … where bond yields rise, as well as inflation. Hang on your belt, it will be exciting. 

Yes, it promises a beautiful shake-up on the financial markets.

But it’s not just the financial markets …

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