Coin Miners and Traders Could Cause a Climate Crisis

12.12.2017 • France

Simone Wapler – La Chronique Agora (France) –

To save the planet, the climate, polar bears and bees, it is imperative to introduce a green bitcoin. The future of humanity depends on it.

What is the relationship between climate and bitcoin, do you wonder?

None, but today to attract attention, you need the magic word “bitcoin”.

Finally, looking good, you can also find a link: the mining of bitcoin consumes electricity.

Mining and trade consume more electricity than 159 countries, exactly 30.23 TWh per year. A single transaction absorbs the daily consumption of more than nine US homes, according to the Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index . Overall, the electrical energy consumed could supply 2,798,666 households.

So it remains to invent a certified bitcoin mined from renewable energies, compatible polar bear and foraging bee. If you take the wind, it’s annoying because the wind threatens bats. According to Les Echos , between 2002 and 2015, wind turbines could have caused the death of 1.6 million bats.

We have to find something else than wind …

No doubt that the speakers of the One Planet Summit , grouped in Paris (with great traces of carbon released by their planes) will address this fundamental question for the future of humanity.

With a name as pretentious as One Planet Summit, expect to be wasted thousands of billions.

Gaël Giraud, the flamboyant economist of the French Development Agency (1), warns us (2):

“It is urgent to reorient financial flows towards the green economy.

The goal is to arrive at strong commitments in terms of funding, an area where we are particularly late. The cost of infrastructure that will limit the rise in global temperature to 2 ° C at the end of the century is between 43,000 billion euros and 77,000 billion for the next 15 years. This is the order of magnitude of annual world GDP. 

That is 4.5% per annum of GDP devoted to climate ideology, knowing that world growth does not exceed 3.6% and that of developed economies is of the order of 2.2% according to the latest figures of the IMF.

Is it useful?

To form an opinion on the validity of the theses of the RCA (anthropogenic global warming), I recommend a trilogy very well documented (3).

Perhaps the most important is this:

“In any case, the Earth has known prehistoric times much warmer than today. And if we stick to our modern day, average temperatures have increased by 0.6 ° C (4) (yes yes, not even 1 ° C) throughout the 20th century. […] Better: since 1998, there has even been a pause in the warming, while the CO2 level continues to climb (quietly too).

It is a stone in the garden of the healers who have struggled to dismantle this pause by ‘readjusting’ (6) all the data available before the COP21 story to relaunch the drama and pressure on public finances. In fact, the temperature peaks recorded in recent years have mainly to do with the phenomenon El Niño (6) , a major climate disruptor, which was particularly powerful in 2015 and 2016. “

[Editor’s note: for further clarification, I also recommend the Small Anti-Ecology Treatise for the Use of Bad Readers, which is available here .

But a manna of trillions to extort from taxpayers is worth a few arrangements with the “science” and judicious exploitation of polar bear snaps adrift (7).


Me too, today, I decided to submit to fashions and self-esteem.

I therefore recommend urgently creating a “green bitcoin”.

The energy supply of the mining of this new cryptocurrency could be envisaged by equipping interior bicycles all the bureaucrats plunging on Basel III and the regulation of finance.

Ils pourraient ainsi s’entraîner tout en travaillant à réguler la plus gigantesque escroquerie de tous les temps : faire croire aux gens que nos monnaies virtuelles sont saines et que nos dépôts en banques nous appartiennent et sont toujours instantanément disponibles à simple demande.

L’électricité produite par les dynamos des vélos serait ensuite récupérée par des mineurs de bitcoins qui émettraient des bitcoins certifiés vert.

Les éventuels fraudeurs seraient pendus aux portiques écotaxes pour crime contre le climat.

Ce serait une récupération élégante, à des fins de justice sociale et solidaire, de cet « investissement » de 1 Md€ payé par les contribuables français.

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