Central Bankers Are Criminals.

10.01.2018 • France

Simone Wapler – La Chronique Agora (France) –

The bear market of US bonds is confirmed. It will endanger all the fake money system and your savings.

At the top of my list of heroes of our time, there is Edward Snowden, a former CIA employee, who has revealed the surveillance programs of US and British secret service citizens. His “only purpose is to tell the public what is being done in his name and what is being done against him,” he said publicly. Hunted by the government of his country, he found asylum in Russia.

A little bit down in my list is Bill Gross, the former manager of the largest bond fund in the world. Bill Gross resigned in September 2014 after 43 years of loyal service. Mohammed El Erian, the co-founder, had preceded him in January. Both managers felt that central bankers’ maneuvers prevented them from carrying on their business honestly and made them unable to return their money to investors who trusted them.

Bill Gross now chairs the investment choices of a smaller Janus Henderson equity fund.

Here is a recent tweet:

Bill Gross

Bear market bond is confirmed today. Long-term trend of 25 years broken with five-year and 10-year Treasury bills.

As you know, dear reader, as early as December , we drew your attention to the bond market.

The world is over-indebted and can not bear higher interest rates.

All of our people rely on credit and therefore debt. But all monetary systems based on trust and credit have an innate vice, a dangerous defect: credit tends to inflate without limit.

But credit is debt.

The debt is owed by human beings whose lives and work capacity are limited.

To allow unlimited credit to flourish leads to a slave society controlled by some haves or to extreme violence when slaves revolt.

Mario Draghi supports deficit governments, banks and zombie companies . He incurs debts on our behalf but without our authorization. He is complicit in an unprecedented form of crime against humanity.

Central bankers – like the secret services – claim to be working on our behalf but in reality – like the secret services – they are working against us.

When people finally understand the situation, it will be necessary to organize a jubilee, cancel the debts.

But your savings left in the financial system will be confiscated and will be used to repay the public debts owed to foreign creditors. [Editor’s note: It is not too late to prepare for the jubilee. Here are six simple but effective steps you can take right now to save your savings.]

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