Brexit Sends the Parisitocrats Scrambling for Cash

12.01.2018 • France

Simone Wapler – La Chronique Agora (France) –

Daily in the Paris metro you can enjoy a paper journal, CNews .
Yesterday was the following brief:
«Brexit: Brussels wants a plastic tax»
The logical link between Brexit and Brussels is obvious.
The logical link between Brussels and tax is just as obvious.
But admit that the logical link between Brexit and plastic tax is not immediately obvious to the mind.
Admittedly, the media have warned us that the British were wrong to vote badly.
The United Kingdom would economically go to the water when leaving the European Union.
The British were going to bite their fingers.
The Channel would be crowded with boat people fleeing the misery of the British islands populated xenophobic Saxons to find refuge in the haven of peace and prosperity of the continent …
How? No ? Not the boat people , I’m told …
In short, we were told that it would be sweat, blood and tears for the British and that in addition we would make them throats of hundreds of billions of euros.
So, this plastic tax?
This is what AFP says:
“The European Commission proposed on Wednesday the introduction of a plastics tax to feed EU budgets, which will suffer the loss of the British contribution after Brexit while facing new spending.
The EU executive ‘is considering a tax on plastics as a new source of revenue for the EU budget and for reducing waste,’ budget commissioner Günther Oettinger told reporters. The German commissioner did not give more details about the contours of this tax or the expected gains . “
To summarize: the departure of the United Kingdom is a hole in the budget of the Brussels Parasitocracy, from 12 to 14 billion €, further explains the dispatch.
What to do ? To reduce the number or the emoluments of the officials who managed the British part of the European Union? You do not think about it, unhappy!
Parasitocracy never self-limits, it always finds the means to survive, to extend, to proliferate, to prosper. Taxation and complication are her two means.
The Parasitocracy has invaded Brussels, which has 26.63 lobbyists for a MEP (20,000 lobbyists according to and 751 MEPs after the 2014 elections). Yes, dear reader, almost 27 highly paid people take care of every member of Parliament to pass a tax or regulation to benefit any group.
Yesterday Bill Bonner was talking to you about the confessions of a US lobbyist .
Today, he talks about the American Parasitocracy and the Washington Marigot.
We are eaten everywhere and everywhere. The system can not be cleansed without revolution or collapse of governments, that is its conclusion.
From January 22 to 26, the World Economic Forum in Davos will begin.
This is the moment when the Parasitocracy gratin stuffs some cashmere in suitcases and, in a carbonaceous wake of private jets, finds himself in a small Swiss winter sports resort to discuss world government, global tax and world tax to save us from great planetary dangers.
On this year’s menu: “The 2-Degree Climate of Separation”, “Rejuvenating European Democracy”, “Democracy in the Post-Truth Era”, “Suffering in Silence: Breaking Down the Depression” …
Poor US. “Suffering in silence” is indeed our sad fate, waiting for revolution or war. For democracy, forget it has become a joke.

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