Davos: Where the Rich Enjoy Skis, Fondue, and Pedestals

16.01.2018 • France

Simone Wapler – La Chronique Agora (France) –

The Davos forum allows you to discover which win-lose agreements will be imposed first. The climate is still relevant.

It is soon the season when the technocracy’s best man stacks his cashmere in his suitcases, takes his private jets and, in a big cloud of carbon emission, joins the Swiss resort of Davos to parade at the World Economic Forum.

Objective: to talk about the vast problems of the world and solve them all together. All together, that is to say, politicians, technocrats paid by the money of others, leaders of multinationals.

Global Issues = World Government = Global Tax

That’s alluring.

Oddly enough, the bitcoin and cryptocurrency phenomenon, though so trendy this year, is not on the agenda.

Perhaps the Parasitocracy realized that the more it tried to prove that bitcoin was nothing and that it was wrong, the more it showed that the fiduciary currencies it controlled were worse. For the major currencies in which we pay our taxes also have no intrinsic value, but – unlike private virtual currencies – their quantity is determined by the goodwill of the technocracy.

A much more enticing topic on the menu is “Democracy in a Post-Truth Era”.


Perhaps, dear reader, you are not familiar with the post-truth era. Nothing is worth Wikipedia to quickly update a trend:

 Post-truth politics or post-factual politics are used to describe the evolution of interactions between politics and the media in the 21st century, as the social use of the internet, including the blogosphere and social media. […]

Political culture in which political leaders orientate debates towards emotion by using language extensively and ignoring (or pretending to ignore) the facts and the need to submit their arguments to them. electoral purposes […]

Which refers to circumstances in which objective facts have less influence in shaping public opinion than calls to emotion and personal opinions. 

Note that the program has all the right keywords. I put them in bold so that you do not get tired too much, dear reader.

“Digital misinformation and micro-targeting are global phenomena that have an unprecedented impact on political opinions and election campaigns, especially in a direct democracy like Switzerland. How can this challenge be tackled  ? 

Journalistic Translation:

”  Deceptive digital information and micro-targeting are globalphenomena that can have an unprecedented impact on political opinions and electoral campaigns, especially in a direct democracy like Switzerland. How can this challenge be raised? ” 

Normal translation:

”  Deceptive digital information and micro-targeting are global phenomena that can have an unprecedented effect on political opinions and election campaigns, especially in a direct democracy like Switzerland. How can this challenge be raised? ” 

It’s good, France, always at the forefront of the trend in these topics, is preparing a bill against the fake news  !


Another additional law of liberticide brooded by this very liberal president without any request being formulated by the good people.

Post-truths and fake news are just the cloak of misinformation, rumor, demagoguery, manipulation … old things like the world. Of course, in a democratic debate, not all ideas and speeches are equal, but democracy is based on freedom of expression! People are supposed to sort out and not rely on a “higher authority”.

On the other hand, the sensitive topics of piracy of our mind by the big techs and the provision of the administrations of our personal data are not part of the program …

Nothing, this year, about artificial intelligence, the robots that steal our jobs and the need for a universal income that would be paid to us by these robots …

The Parasitocracy prefers to focus on a vast “global problem”, subject to misinformation and fake news  : the climate.

There, the economic stakes are more important. Taxes, subsidies, allowances are multiplying. Many win-lose deals become possible, as our British neighbors explain with their legendary humor.

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