Major Public Projects Could Condemn France to Eternal Debt

24.01.2018 • France

Simone Wapler – La Chronique Agora (France) –

What if we live a French shutdown Three major projects have just been abandoned or delayed. We are on the right path !

Credit is more expensive. Will our country give up its dreams of greatness?

Notre-Dame-des-Landes is no longer on the agenda. All the better.

There are 460 regional airports in Europe. A third is in France and the majority is not profitable.

We will not host the World Expo in 2025 whose financing (in principle private) has not convinced the government that notes “weaknesses” in the economic model in the “context of recovery of our public finances.”

I do not really know what our Prime Minister is basing on, to say that our public finances are recovering, but not digging faster is already progress.

public deficit

Already two big abandoned things, we are on the right track. Rumors are also circulating about the abandonment of the Landes TGV project to Bayonne.

This morning, we talk about delaying the metro Grand Paris.

Dear provincial reader, Greater Paris is a network of super-metro. The yard paralyzes Parisian traffic for more than a year and is worth to Parisians full of big carbon clouds.

The adjective “big” is deserved, what give you great chills of horror:

”  In 15 years, we will double the surface of the metro. There has not been a project of such magnitude since the construction of new towns in the 1960s.  “Philippe Yvin, President of the Société du Grand Paris.

We know the great pleasure of the inhabitants of these “new cities” …

Totaled at € 19 billion in 2010, the latest estimate is € 35 billion. It’s crazy how spending estimates with other people’s money (our tax dollars) are always inaccurate. [Editor’s note: Public sites and land preemptions sometimes complicate the evaluation of real estate. Our Special Report gives you all the keys to a fair valuation of your property.Whether as part of an estimate for property tax estate, a transfer or a transfer, the exit of an undivided you will have all methods of encryption, including those used by the fisc and those opposable to it. Click here to discover this Report .]

The Court of Accounts was worried last week of these excesses (I think that members of the Court have been shot at Lexomil for ages by dying curse the spleen).

Additional costs in delays, the Grand Paris Express may well not work when we welcome this great event that is the Olympic Games.

One suggestion: we should also give up the Olympics. They have rather brought misfortune to their host country: bankruptcy of Greece, riots in Brazil … Very bad for a reelection.

All these great works are obviously paid on credit, and it has not escaped your legendary sagacity, dear reader of Paris and province, that said credit had recently tended to increase.

But if central bankers can multiply indefinitely credit, they have more trouble to multiply solvent taxpayers.

But will you tell me, the general interest, the public interest in all this? All this is worth a few sacrifices, is not it? Can not reduce everything to petty profitability?

Mmmmm … so, precisely!

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