This New Tech Will Save One Millions Lives Each Year

30.01.2018 • Switzerland

Guest Contributor – The Brave Little Economist (Switzerland) –

Dear reader,

Without even realizing it, you are surrounded by technologies that have revolutionized the lives of billions of people.

Every day you take the car, the bus or the train, take quick glances at your mobile phone, surf the internet, and finally settle yourself, remote control in hand, in front of your television.

Yet when these technologies appeared, no one believed, and they made the fortune of their supporters.

Take your phone for example. The first released in 1973, was far from popular.

The “brick” – the nickname given to him because of his weight, 1.5 kilos – required a charge of more than 10 hours to be able to make a call of … 35 minutes! 
And to benefit from these few minutes of call (with a mediocre sound), it was necessary to be ready to pay the tidy sum of 4,000 francs! A heresy at a time when a car 2CV was selling then 7,000 francs …

No one believed it, seeing it as a superfluous gadget, overpriced, and anything but … mobile.

First phone in 1973 in New York
The “brick”, the first mobile phone appeared in 1973 in New York.

Today, 78% of the world’s population owns the “brick” heir. 
And the most expensive company in history is none other than Apple, whose market capitalization could soon exceed the $ 1,000 billion, the unheard of.

Ditto for the car. Their arrival at the end of the 19th century caused chaos. 
Dangerous, noisy, expensive, the first cars met with waves of protest. And that was without counting on the resistance of tens of thousands of coachmen who feared for their jobs. Nowadays, the planet counts more than one billion.

Investors are only interested in new technologies when they have proven themselves in the market.

Except that at such a moment, it is already too late to invest.

Imagine that in early 2008, a few months after the release of the first iPhone, you could become the proud owner of an Apple stock for less than $ 18. Ten years later, and 1 billion iPhones sold, the same action is worth $ 177!

In the majority of cases, traditional people and media are skeptical, underestimating the ability of a new technology to evolve and improve. Missing unique and profitable opportunities.

Jeff Brown, a high-tech specialist, has identified one in particular.

This technology would weigh two trillion dollars (or $ 2,000,000,000,000), more than the combined smartphone, computer and television industries.

And that’s not all, this technological revolution will:

  • Reduce transportation costs by 80%
  • Upset the insurance market; and
  • Save over a million lives a year.

Jeff recommends investing in the next 18 months. Then it will be too late.

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You have nothing to lose and much to gain … 
To your good fortune,

Emma Lefèvre

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