The Atomic Revival: Trump Looks to Rebuild the Nuclear Arsenal

31.01.2018 • France

Simone Wapler – La Chronique Agora (France) –

The rise in long rates will eventually hinder the Parasitocracy. The ultimate recovery plan will be – as always – the development of armaments. And more precisely the atomic revival.

The US stock market has fallen heavily (-0.66% for the S & P 500) and seems to want to react to the rise in long rates. From now on, the US federal government borrows at 10 years at 2.7%.

This should not be a surprise, dear reader prepared. But the question is when will the central bankers decide to intervene to prevent the household from being made and Augias’ stables to be cleaned up? In my opinion we are still far from it. All the cartridges have not been fired yet, contrary to what some people think.

Six traders from three major non-US commercial banks – HSBC, Deutsche Bank and UBS – have been implicated in the manipulation of precious metals prices since at least 2008.

Bankers hate gold

Dear reader, you know how much bankers hate gold, the only financial asset that is not the debt of anyone. Indeed, the existence of an honest market competitive with that of credit (and therefore of the debt) disturbs them. Because gold is the cop of fiduciary money and tends to fizzle in case of problems. These manipulations (which we speak regularly here and there ) to mislead the police of the currency are not a surprise. [Editor’s note: Gold has started a furtive hike but is off to flying again. Discover here how to enjoy it, by placing yourself right now, before the crowd.]

The Parasitocracy is struggling to avoid the worst. And the worst is obviously a rise in long rates.

The currency we use is credit. The reverse of credit is debt. If interest rates on debt rise, the Parasitocracy – whose borrowing needs are unlimited – is hampered by the entournures.

The ultimate recovery plan takes shape and the fools applaud

As you know (or not if you are a new reader), we believe in La Chronique Agora that the Keynesian or monetarist theories on which the Parasitocracy is based are phony. In particular “stimulus plans”, monetary stimuli , etc.

These theses invalidated by experience only serve to justify the prebends masked by the tax-redistribution systems.

The economy is the result of actions and decision-making by millions of people trying to win win-win contracts. A producer sells because he earns money. A buyer buys because he is satisfied or thinks he will be satisfied. This applies to the labor force and the labor market as well as to products and services. The future, the reality then rule and reveal if the contract was really win-win. In this case, wealth grows. Conversely, one of the protagonists realizes that he made a mistake and corrects it.

Economic policy introduces a constraint into this process which results in win-lose contracts. Recovery plans, easy credit, taxes and subsidies only distort judgments, misleading investments.

The real stimulus for getting out of the Great Depression was the war

We learn in economics textbooks written by Keynesians that the exit of the Great Depression of 1929 is the work of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal , a gigantic program of redistribution and public spending. But it is false (1) . The real stimulus was the war economy that led to the Second World War.

This is the path that Donald Trump wants to take today. In his speech yesterday on the state of the Union, he announced $ 1.5 trillion in infrastructure investments.

“We are going to build new glittering roads, bridges, highways, railways and waterways across the country.

But why on earth, did not the Americans think before Donald came to spend $ 1 billion a day for four years on all this? Fortunately, Trump is here! The bastards applaud.

Behind the sparkling roads, the mini-nuclear bombs

That’s not all.

The United States has many enemies according to Trump: Venezuela, Iran, North Korea and even Russia.

Donald Trump is asking for votes to “modernize and rebuild our nuclear arsenal” to “make it so strong and powerful that it will deter aggression.”

Already in October, the Senate had already voted an increase in the defense budget, bringing it to $ 700 billion, thanks in particular to the vote of the elected Democrats.

Nuclear<img src=”” alt=”Nucléaire” width=”550″ height=”337″ />

Washington wants to develop mini-nuclear weapons, what the military calls tactical weapons or theater weapons, used on the battlefield.

But we are far beyond deterrence, as shown by the reading of a recent Pentagon document, the  2018 Nuclear Posture Review . The problem with arming is that one day, you have to consume it so use it …

Debt, the accumulation of win-lose contracts, the carelessness of governments, and mismanagement of public affairs always and everywhere lead to war. This time will not be, alas, different.

(1) the inquiring reader will be able to start digging the subject by reading this article (2) the skeptical reader can find out here .

Simone Wapler
Editor-in-Chief of Crisis, Gold & Opportunities and Simone Wapler’s Strategy

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