The U.S. Wage Increase Is a Huge Cover Up

14.02.2018 • Switzerland

Olivier Perrin – The Brave Little Economist (Switzerland) –

Dear reader,

According to the bankers who govern us, you earn too much money.

$ 0.09 an extra hour to be precise. I come back to it.

It’s very ugly they tell you.

They are ignominious.

The press on all sides (Le Figaro, Atlantico, ZoneBourse,
The World, Slate …) repeats in heart for 10 days this little treacherous music:

  1. the “recovery” economy generates higher wages;
  2. forcing central banks to raise rates to avoid overheating;
  3. threatening stock market prices, inflated by cheap free money;
  4. that may trigger a bad financial crisis …
  5. which will turn into an economic crisis .

Conclusion: Recovery is the crisis.

Welcome to Orwell.

The bigger it is, the more it’s acceptable

Salaries rose 9 cents in January in the United States. [1]

That was 10 days ago and according to the press to order , these 9 pennies of wage inflation would be responsible for the biggest contraction in the history of Wall Street : $ 1 trillion was fleeing the US stock market in space of one week.

Of course the mainstream newspapers do not say it like that. They tell you about a “historic” rise in wages of 2.9% over one year … “The strongest since 2009”,  “which is fearing a runaway”  etc.

What they do not tell you is that the salary figures are published monthly … The salary increase was already 2.5% a month ago. And everyone did not care.

Better we congratulated ourselves . It was proof of the beautiful coordinated global recovery they told you.

And poof, all of a sudden, for 9 cents an hour, now the slightest maneuver would have become a millionaire … spending his money at all costs and feeding a consuming inflation.

Are these people serious about laughing at tears for 9 cents? Even my little cousin does not cry for so little.

The ugly lie of the “recovery”

You can bet that no economic journalist, TV expert or  egotistical influencer will have consulted the release of the Bureau of Employment Statistics American: 2 pages written in short paragraphs , simple and accurate … What a pensum.

Yet if they had taken even 3 minutes to fly over this arid document they would have seen anything else …

At the same time as wages increased by 9 cents, the weekly working time decreased by 12 minutes.

Alert, here’s a complicated calculation: 9 cents of increase is $ 3.1 over a week (34.3 hours of actual work)) but 12 minutes of work less (at $ 26.74 on average) make $ 5.3 less.

In January, US wages fell by $ 2.2 a week ($ 9.5 a month).

And everywhere in the newspapers we talk about overheating the economy.

Everywhere they tell you that overheating has erased $ 1 trillion in a week.

Where is this overheating?

They tell you most seriously that the US recovery and full employment are the cause of the recent financial crisis.

  • But in the United States in 2015 we worked 38.6 hours on average … And two years of recovery later, we only work 34.3 hours. [2]
  • But in the United States jobs that are created are low added value : server, bartender, maneuver on construction sites, assistant in hospitals (on public funds) …
  • But in the United States, there are more and more jobs AND fewer and fewer employees: those who can do it are obliged to accumulate odd jobs to survive .
  • But in the United States, in January, premiums are calculated : those of bankers, traders, managers of the sillicon valley. These 9 cents, always go into the same pockets.

All these data are written in black and white in the two small pages that, according to them, have created the panic fear of overheating.

They do not care about you.

The break of the century

This global co-ordinated recovery is invented from scratch to save the face of central banks that printed $ 20 trillion for nothing .

The world’s major central banks have dumped $ 20 billion on stock markets, real estate and any speculative asset … but you have not touched it.

Imagine: this money represents 1.4 billion years of smics.

And the reality is that this money has not created any recovery.

This money, moreover, was created in the form of debt, injected into the banks and today, it will be necessary to destroy it for want of repaying it and considering the turn that it takes do not believe that they will to take back from those to whom they distributed it: bankers, states, large world corporations …

So they make you fake income to better take your true wealth.

In this unhealthy game , the only way to win is to not play:

  • Have gold, millennial currency and ultimate chaos assurance ;
  • Invest directly in local companies, useful and especially without going through the banks;
  • Do not leave all your eggs in the same “Euro basket” and diversify into safe haven currencies

These simple actions will not only protect your family against the coming crisis, but also make you free and independent against the overwhelming state machine.

According to your objectives , you will be able to:

  • Generate a regular income ,
  • Take insurance against the crisis,
  • Support the most promising companies in your area ,
  • Make bold and profitable investments .

Click here to start today.

I am pleased to offer you this opportunity, the result of many years of work.

To your good fortune,

Olivier Perrin

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