French Bankers Are Going to Gamble Your Wealth Away

26.02.2018 • Switzerland

Olivier Perrin – The Brave Little Economist (Switzerland) –

Dear reader,

The dividend season has just passed …

And as usual the Western press lamented record dividends paid to shareholders.

Oh, the bad capitalists with big hats and big cigars.


Besides, rather than hijacking them, you just have to do like them, buy an Apple stock and get rich while sleeping.

In short, this is the promise of Mr. Macron who in exchange counts tax your savings even more unless you take insane risks.


So you buy this apple action?


Not at all.


Apple paid a dividend of $ 2.46 to its shareholders last year.

For an action worth $ 175 at the time of writing, that means it will take a little over 70 years to pay back your investment. That’s not counting inflation.

With inflation count 200 or 300 years.

Who diantre buys yet another action Apple will you tell me?


But by the way, do not you already have this action Apple in your heritage?  Do you really know what’s in your bank’s investments?

Is there not a bank speculator playing with your money?

These people DO NOT look at the intrinsic value of the company.

They do not care if it is useful, if it will create value in the long run and generate enough profits to justify their investment.

They are the opposite of prudent investors.


The only thing they look at is the rise in the stock market price. Will there be someone to quickly buy back their more expensive stock?


And the more the speculators buy, the more the purses fly away, cast off the moorings of the real world towards the blue sky of infinite profits … Until the crash.

Because the reality ALWAYS rings at the door.

In this little game, it is the central banks that set the rules of the game.  And since 2008, they have inflated the markets at the bike pump .

They have undermined the very foundations of our democracies to avoid the inevitable return of reality, the terrible crash you will not escape.

She is well aware that central banks are preparing for the next crash, as the FedPapersreveal . 

Click here to discover the backside of the set and protect yourself before it’s too late.

Olivier Perrin 

PS:  The next weekend is high risk  with the vote  for or against the German Grand Coalition  as well as  the Italian elections . Two events that can bring Europe back into a banking crisis from which it has never emerged. It is now that you must act.

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