The “Personal Data” Myth Has Been Busted

23.03.2018 • France

Simone Wapler – La Chronique Agora (France) –

The exploitation of personal data is not commercial, it is political; this is the most shocking …

I do not really like heroes. These mythical characters, often constructions, are pretexts to manipulation, to take advantage of our credulity. However, I recognize Edward Snowden as a hero of modern times, a lay saint.

Edward Snowden paid for himself to show that the information we give to government or commercial enterprises was used for surveillance purposes. It is someone who has “played his skin”, Taleb would say, to shed light on the liberticidal practices of governments who claim to ensure our safety.

“Companies that earn money by collecting and selling detailed reports on people’s privacy were once referred to as ‘surveillance companies’. Their commercial name of ‘social media’ is the most successful deception since the War Ministry became the Ministry of Defense.


There is, however, a difference between the information you give Facebook and the information you provide to your bank.

In the first case, you have every right to go your way.

In the second case, it is obligatory. A bundle of laws forces you to have a bank account. When opening you must decline a complete civil status; the presumption of ” US person” – that is, an individual with an attachment to the United States, if only by your place of birth – will make you a suspect. Then, whatever your pedigree, your “profile” will be monitored and any behavior deviating from your habits will be duly reported to the government agency Tracfin.

Facebook can only exploit its own data store.

Apple can only exploit its own data tank.

Amazon can only exploit its own data store.

Google can only exploit its own data store.

A bank can only exploit its own data store.

The US government and most Western governments have the power to tap into all these data pools.

The US NSA is actively working to identify all bitcoin users in the wider world, according to The Intercept , a Snowden-backed media. [Editor’s note: Even though government hassles, Bitcoin and the blockchain are revolutionizing the financial sector just as the internet has turned the media on its head. Do not miss this historic investment opportunity: the big blockchain collision. Click here to discover it .]

There is no border between political surveillance and political manipulation. It’s the same thing.

Facebook is not an innocent victim of personal data theft, Facebook is an accomplice. The founder of Cambridge Analytica, the company that allegedly hijacked Facebook data, got a government contract.

It’s up to you not to be on Facebook or to continue using cash rather than a debit card and to be parsimonious about the communication of your personal data.

The stock bubble withstands the fall of Facebook

The proliferation of scandals does not prevent Facebook from seeing the number of its users increase and consequently its advertising revenues.

The FAANGs (Facebook – Apple – Amazon – Netflix – Google) today account for three quarters of the capitalization of Nasdaq. Of these five names, Apple is the only company that produces material goods.


Following the announcement of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook’s sharp drop on March 16 did not result in any panic selling on the Nasdaq; the markets are in the red today, but it is linked to the China-US trade war.

As long as Facebook does not suffer a haemorrhage from its consenting users and as long as the financial markets are in good shape, we live in the best possible world.

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