U.S. and Euro Bonds Replace Gold as the Safe Haven Assets

09.04.2018 • France

Simone Wapler – La Chronique Agora (France) –


Savings have become useless, the financial system no longer needs them to create credit.The risk of default seems to have disappeared …

Friday US markets have fallen again.

As stocks fell, the yield on the 10-year Treasury bond fell from 2.8329% to 2.7749%. When

bonds are demanded, their yield drops. It’s like real estate: if buyers scramble, prices rise and

the rental yield drops.

Gold has risen very slightly but remains timidly below $ 1,400 an ounce.

The bonds of the US state or European states have replaced gold as safe haven assets.

At the Bitcoin – Biarritz 2018 conference held on Saturday, H16 developed the following idea:

” Since risk no longer exists, people no longer need to buy gold. In a severe crisis,

governments and central banks intervene and taxpayers get their hands on their hands. More

default risk to ensure, so gold is useless … ” .

I noteiced during this day that the current monetary and financial system is still very poorly

apprehended by most people.

Money now only exists in the form of credit. If you obtain a banking license, the thousands of

pages of regulation allow you to raise from 20 € to 30 € of loans (or $, £ … according to the

jurisdiction which you depend on) for 1 € of own funds.

Equity is the money that you and your associates have pocketed to build the capital of your

bank. If you lend to the state, you do not even need to immobilize your own funds because

thousands of pages of regulation provide that the state can not go bankrupt and therefore your

loan is risk-free

.Banks do not need your savings to lend

When the interest on the loans you have made falls, if you put some of it back into your own

funds, you can lend even more.

If ever your own funds are swallowed because you have given a bad loan but you are a bank

“too big to fail”, your government will save you.

A Great Depression “à la française” is preparing: Are you ready for the Scourge of Black Debt ?

Click here to discover the real figures of the French debt … and what they mean for you, your savings, your

way of life … but also the future of your children.


It follows from this system that savings become useless. Banks do not need your money to

lend. That’s why the remuneration of your savings has become ridiculously low. With this

system credit is growing without limit. Prices therefore no longer have a ceiling.

In response to this unlimited credit, a mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto decided to invent an

independent electronic payment system where the units of account would be limited to 21

million. In 2016, 75% of bitcoins already exist on the market and in 2024, 93.75% of bitcoins

will already be produced or mined.


“Digital Gold”, Bitcoin and Love in Solid State

Bitcoin is not “digital gold”. It is an immaterial currency. To believe in “digital gold” would be to

believe that love can exist in a solid state.

By design, the bitcoin system does not allow someone to spend what does not exist. While by

design, the current monetary and financial system is designed so that some privileged can

lend money that does not exist and especially to governments or multinationals with a good

credit score.

Those who change their intangible currency (euro, dollar, pound, yen …) against bitcoin just as

intangible simply have the certainty that the amount of bitcoins will change very little.

On the contrary, the amount of euros, dollars, etc. is left to the goodwill of omniscient

technocrats (the central bankers).


The Culprits of the Next Crisis Finally Unmasked

When the next financial crisis erupts, it will be difficult to tip off a bizarre hedge fund , internet

values, subprime housing , student credit, Trump and its customs taxes, climate change

Alzheimer bees disoriented by a pesticide …

Even those who do not know anything about the monetary and financial system have realized

that the free credit of central bankers and the thousands of billions granted since 2008, were

not for them but had inflated epic financial bubbles.

The designated troublemakers will be central bankers and commercial banks.


The Future of Bitcoin? We Will Soon Be Fixed

The future of bitcoin and the future of the monetary and financial system will be played out

when the next crisis erupts. Either the smoker will continue and a super-currency of the same

nature as the others but driven by the IMF will take over.

Either people will take refuge in a system of transaction where the units of account are limited

and attributed honestly: one has or not and to lend them, one must have some.


Bitcoin and Taxation

If there is such a strong link between money and the state, it is only for one reason: the tax


If everyone decided to trade, exchange bitcoins, then the state, unable to bleed you at the

source, would be obliged to politely ask you to pay your taxes and you would have your say …

It would be a revolution. Really “disruptive”, to speak like the precious ridiculous twenty-first

century. In reality, it would be democratic.

In the meantime, be sure against the madness of central bankers and big planners. Have

some gold, buy a few bitcoins and forget about them until the next crisis. [Editor’s Note: You

can also go a little further with bitcoin. Find out here how to turn your bitcoin purchases into

pure profit.



Simone Wapler

-Read more at la-chronique-agora.com (French)-

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