The Weekly Dispatch From Bill’s Secret “Brain Trust” of Global Experts

Global Network

We are living through an unusual and uncertain period of economic history.

In fact, over the next several years, we’ll likely see financial busts, financial booms, deflation, inflation… even widespread social unrest.

Meanwhile, record numbers of Americans are retiring. And the people running the show – politicians, central bankers and government economists – have no clue what will happen next.

The truth is, for most folks, it’s virtually impossible to get a clear understanding of what’s really going on… how to protect yourself and your family… and how to grow your wealth.

Wealthy Wall Street investors spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every year on research and strategic intelligence to help them navigate this difficult and uncertain period.

But most folks can’t afford that.

…and good luck getting the real story from CNBC…the Wall Street Journal… or the “blogosphere”…

That’s why Bill Bonner, founder of The Agora, has spent nearly 40 years building a network of analysts, economists and investment experts from around the world.

All told, we’ve assembled a remarkable group the best and brightest independent financial thinkers.

I’m talking about former hedge fund managers, bankers, economists, money managers, doctors, lawyers… former Congressmen… even national advisors and key government officials.

Many of these experts are based here in the U.S. But we also have teams in London, Paris, Bonn, Madrid, Beijing, Mumbai, São Paolo, Buenos Aires, Johannesburg, and Melbourne.

Up until now, only a small number of well-placed insiders have had access to this group’s wealth of knowledge and experience.

And that access has proven invaluable…

For instance, if we want to know what’s happening in the bond market, we can pick up the phone and call our top bond expert in London. (He’s a highly respected former “City” insider with more than 20 years of experience as a bond trader and fund manager.)

When we want to know more about the biggest profit opportunities in the commodities sector… we call our network of venture capitalists, geologists, and miners in Canada—one of the world’s richest natural resource hotspots.

When we want boots on the ground intelligence on the emerging markets… we reach out to our many local analysts in India, China, and Brazil.

But today, after more than 30 years, we’re making this wealth of ideas, insights and recommendations available to you.

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