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  • Why You Should Bet on Bitcoin

    24.05.2017 • Great BritainComments Off on Why You Should Bet on Bitcoin

    Each time geopolitical turmoil pops up somewhere, the price of bitcoin spikes. Recent trouble in Venezuela and China are two examples. Each financial shock, crackdown or poor economic release has sent the bitcoin price higher.

  • Smugglers Send Cost of Bitcoin Soaring

    10.05.2017 • Great BritainComments Off on Smugglers Send Cost of Bitcoin Soaring

    Bitcoin is nationless. Its payment infrastructure is decentralized. This means it challenges the US government’s control over the international financial infrastructure. Smuggling is alive and well in our modern world, and bitcoin is the currency of choice.

  • URGENT: You Don’t Want to Miss the Bitcoin Boat

    01.05.2017 • United StatesComments Off on URGENT: You Don’t Want to Miss the Bitcoin Boat

    The mainstream media hasn’t picked up on the blockchain yet. And few in the public even know what it is. So now is the perfect time to get in: when the technology is about to take off… but right before the herd comes storming in.

  • Is Bitcoin Headed Toward a Civil War?

    17.03.2017 • TechComments Off on Is Bitcoin Headed Toward a Civil War?

    It’s been the best performing currency in the world. It’s been the worst. It’s been the most volatile. It’s turned teenagers into millionaires without them leaving their bedrooms. It’s even threatened to overtake gold as a vote against the

  • You Live in Bitcoin’s Golden Age

    08.03.2017 • TechComments Off on You Live in Bitcoin’s Golden Age

    Last Thursday the price of bitcoin jumped 3%. The price of gold tumbled 2%. The result was that one bitcoin became worth more than one ounce of gold for the first time ever. Here's what that means for investors...

  • Bitcoin Jesus Explains the Value of Privacy

    06.03.2017 • TechComments Off on Bitcoin Jesus Explains the Value of Privacy

    In March 2011, Roger Ver bought 25,000 bitcoins at $1 per coin. That faith paid off… Two years later, at the peak of the market, that $25,000 in coins were worth $30 million.

  • What You Need to Know About the Future of Tech

    15.02.2017 • InvestingComments (0)

     By Nick O’Connor – Capital & Conflict (Great Britain) – I can’t write to you for long today. I’m here with Sam Volkering preparing for tonight’s live event. If you’ve missed it – and I don’t know how that could be since

  • 2017: The Year of Cryptocurrencies

    23.01.2017 • Gold and Natural ResourcesComments (0)

     By Ankit Shah – Vivek Kaul’s Inner Circle (Germany) – Pull out a currency note from your wallet. Read everything that’s written on it. Under the name of the issuer – Reserve Bank of India, you’ll read a guarantee –

  • Cryptocurrency on the Rise: Bitcoin Soars 125% in 2016

    05.01.2017 • TechComments (0)

     Chris Lowe – Inner Circle (USA) – To say Bitcoin had a good year in 2016 is an understatement. On December 31, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency hit $1,022 – a 125% climb for the year and its highest level since December 2013. That

  • 2017: The Year of Cryptocurrencies

    02.01.2017 • TechComments (0)

    Brexit, Donald Trump, high debt, China’s yuan devaluation, the war on cash, European banks…you name it. All these 2016 events have pushed Bitcoin higher…. 89% since this time last year.

  • 7 Radical Insights into Bitcoin

    06.10.2016 • TechComments (0)

    So, for this week’s dispatch… I’m taking a closer look at alternatives to fiat money. And I want to do that by way of the seven most radical and revealing insights from the best-informed expert I could find…

  • Bitcoin vs. Gold – The Best Safe Asset Today

    28.09.2016 • TechComments (0)

    Bitcoin is gaining ground among gold enthusiasts, who question the stability of paper currencies and want to protect their savings during the next crisis. Could it overtake gold as the ultimate safe asset?

  • Bitcoin pic

    The Cutting Edge of Cryptocurrencies

    15.09.2016 • TechComments (0)

    This week… a deeper dive into the most important change in our money system since President Nixon severed the last link between currencies and gold in 1971. I’m talking the big daddy of cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin.

  • JUDGE: Bitcoin Is NOT Money

    26.07.2016 • InvestingComments (0)

     From Port Phillip Insider (Australia)- It’s official, Bitcoin isn’t money. It’s true, a Florida judge says so. But just as importantly, the judge said something else: Gold is money. Actually, it’s not quite that clear cut. Here’s the report

  • Digital Currency for Central Banks

    25.03.2016 • Central BanksComments (0)

     From the Inner Circle (USA) – Today, we examine a different type of war – the war on banks. Yes… you read that right. We’ve talked a lot about the war on cash that central banks are waging. This is a new front in that battle. Leading the