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  • The Chink in Greece’s Armor Not What You’d Expect.

    12.09.2017 • FranceComments Off on The Chink in Greece’s Armor Not What You’d Expect.

    After Greece raised another $3 billion in emergency funds, the parisitocracy rejoiced. They ignored the fact that the government is still completely broken... as proven by the Eldorado exodus.

  • We Like Donald – Deal With It

    02.02.2017 • Politics and WarComments (0)

    Our enemy is the mainstream press. They profess to be independent and balanced…the beacon of the Fourth Estate. That they will hold politicians, bureaucrats and the Establishment to account. Rubbish. They have their agenda set firmly in stone: to not rock

  • Multimillionaire Shares His Strategy for Multi-Generational Wealth

    16.06.2016 • The EconomyComments (0)

    From Gowdie Family Wealth (AUSTRALIA)- Oher, a physically imposing 17-year old black youth, grew up in the slums of Memphis. He no longer lived with his drug addicted mother. He was homeless. His physical presence and sporting ability earned him a place in