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  • The US has Modeled This “Golden Rule” Since World War II

    13.10.2017 • United KingdomComments Off on The US has Modeled This “Golden Rule” Since World War II

    The eurodollar banking system was an unrestrained loan factory, so the global supply of dollars multiplied, while US gold reserves remained static. For the crusade to continue, a new form of eurodollar would need to be created. A eurodollar so powerful that

  • The Church of Scientology and Bitcoin

    22.09.2017 • AustraliaComments Off on The Church of Scientology and Bitcoin

    Space lord Xenu, frozen corpse spaceships, alien soul rapture, and brainwashing facilities on Earth? How has something so fanciful become an established, well-funded organization? True believers.... not unlike those worshiping Satoshi Nakamoto and his

  • Good News for Gold Investors

    20.09.2017 • FranceComments Off on Good News for Gold Investors

    Today, the Fed has to communicate and give indications to the Market as to its future orientations. The Fed could withdraw some of the counterfeit currency it has injected since the financial crisis. It will be very edifying to watch the reaction of gold.

  • Gowdie: Why I Won’t Be Buying Bitcoin

    06.09.2017 • AustraliaComments Off on Gowdie: Why I Won’t Be Buying Bitcoin

    Would I buy bitcoin, Ethereum or any of the other 1099 cryptos? The resounding answer is: No. I wouldn’t put one red cent into these assets.

  • How Brexit Could Cause Catastrophe

    28.08.2017 • United KingdomComments Off on How Brexit Could Cause Catastrophe

    If the EU never has another crisis, the UK’s reputation as a “safe haven” financial centre will slowly crumble like an old castle. Britain will become a dilapidated economic “has been”.

  • The Dollar Is About to Fall… Big Time

    27.07.2017 • FranceComments Off on The Dollar Is About to Fall… Big Time

    The Fed has chosen to leave its key rates unchanged until further notice, but at the same time, it talks a lot about the imminent reduction in its balance sheet. If you're European, you should start thinking about an American vacation.

  • An Unjust Financial System is America’s No. 1 Enemy

    21.03.2017 • Politics and WarComments Off on An Unjust Financial System is America’s No. 1 Enemy

    But it's hard to get worked up about. A financial system? A fake dollar? How does that work again? The average person in the heartland, cheated and confused, turns to more convenient enemies: the Mexicans, the Chinese, the lefties, President Obama, or the

  • What Argentina Can Teach You About the US Dollar

    28.02.2017 • Emerging MarketsComments Off on What Argentina Can Teach You About the US Dollar

    By Ivan Carrino – El Diario Del Lunes (Argentina) – Dear Reader, These days, the financial news is having a hard time explaining what is happening with the dollar. For years, maybe decades, the U.S. dollar has been “an Argentine obsession.”

  • When the Reserve Bank Speaks, the Aussie Dollar Climbs

    24.02.2017 • The EconomyComments (0)

    By Kris Sayce – Port Phillip Insider (Australia) – We’re closing in on R-Day. That is ‘Recession Day’. The Australian Bureau of Statistics is due to release the latest gross domestic product (GDP) numbers at 11:30am on Wednesday, 1 March.

  • You’d Be a Looney Tune to Bet Negative on the Renminbi

    07.02.2017 • The EconomyComments (0)

    By Jim Walker – Wealthy Nations (Hong Kong) – The headlines are still full of Donald Trump and what he means for markets and the United States. We address these issues in this month’s Wealthy Nations. But it is always worth remembering that

  • German Inflation Rises from 1.1% to 1.7%

    10.01.2017 • Gold and Natural ResourcesComments (0)

    For consumers, this 50% increase will hit home first at the pump, then at the grocery store. Protect yourself now with precious metals.

  • The Birth of Creditism

    09.09.2016 • The EconomyComments (0)

    From Bill Bonner’s Diary (United States) – OUZILLY, France – We’re going back to basics here at the Diary. We’re getting everyone on the same page… learning together… connecting the dots… trying to figure out what is going on. We made

  • European Banks and the Golden Hotspot

    05.08.2016 • Gold and Natural ResourcesComments (0)

    From Strategy of Simone Wapler (France)- Since the beginning of the year, banks are battered by the markets, gold and the dollar rising in unison, a sign that the situation is not totally under the control of central banks and conädence erodes. Policymakers

  • One Dollar Is Worth 17 Cents

    20.07.2016 • The EconomyComments (0)

    From Bill Bonner’s Diary (United States)- “Today’s money,” says economist George Gilder, “tries to cheat time. And you can’t do that.” It may not cheat time, but it cheats far easier marks – consumers, investors, and entrepreneurs. It took

  • The Pound Isn’t the Main Story

    07.07.2016 • The EconomyComments (0)

    The Fleet Street Letter (Great Britain)- I am currently working on the monthly piece that will focus on banks, bonds, property and sterling. It’s a detailed look into sterling’s recent fall compared to past big moves. I’ll look at why the banks have

  • CHART: Bank of Japan’s War On The Yen Is Backfiring

    11.06.2016 • Politics and WarComments (0)

    From Bill Bonner’s Diary (UNITED STATES)- A war that isn’t going as planned is the Bank of Japan’s war on the yen. In January 2016, the Bank of Japan dropped its key lending rate into negative territory for the first time ever. The idea was to push

  • Dollar Will Spearhead Global Rally

    11.05.2016 • InvestingComments (0)

    From the Daily Reckoning (AUS) – Another stable day awaits the ASX. The Dow’s up a couple of hundred points. Gold is steady. The dollar is holding around 73 US cents. The real action on markets won’t kick in until we start to see the US dollar

  • Central Banks Jawboning

    22.03.2016 • Central BanksComments (0)

    From Port Phillip Insider (AUS) – Call it what you like, but it all leads to the same thing: a currency war. Movements in interest rates have a direct bearing on the value of a nation’s currency. That’s not to say the currency will always move as