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  • You Are Destined to Suffocate Under Debt

    27.09.2017 • FranceComments Off on You Are Destined to Suffocate Under Debt

    When the biggest buyer becomes the biggest seller, a market turnaround is to be expected. Except that the Fed will not let such a turnaround occur and will turn on board immediately. More debt and more fake money will spill over in the United States, Europe,

  • Silicon Valley Doesn’t Need More Money – It Needs Ideas!

    27.09.2017 • SwitzerlandComments Off on Silicon Valley Doesn’t Need More Money – It Needs Ideas!

    Ultimately, attention to incomes and profits disappears. The evaluations do not depend on it. Ideas, not dollars, make the law in the San Francisco or Manhattan areas.

  • The ECB Is Quietly Making it Legal to Lock You Out of Your Bank

    09.08.2017 • SwitzerlandComments Off on The ECB Is Quietly Making it Legal to Lock You Out of Your Bank

    This industry insider is worried about a problem that has just come out of the ECB: a project to freeze savings accounts in the event of a financial emergency.

  • Time to Pull the Plug on Greece

    25.07.2017 • FranceComments Off on Time to Pull the Plug on Greece

    The ECB is keeping Greece on life support. But Greece is still indebted in public capacity to the tune of 179% of its GDP and in private capacity to the tune of 137%! And it's not getting any better. Is this the new normal?

  • The Trump Train Is Stopping in France on Friday

    10.07.2017 • SwitzerlandComments Off on The Trump Train Is Stopping in France on Friday

    We are just a few days away from Bastille Day, and Macron is expecting a certain President of the United States as a guest. Trump's presence is the first of its kind in 30 years...but why?

  • The ECB Has Spent $2.6 Trillion of Your Money

    29.06.2017 • SwitzerlandComments Off on The ECB Has Spent $2.6 Trillion of Your Money

    The European Central Bank has begun to buy back government debts in the Eurozone in order to give a "boost" to the economy, reducing interest rates to the lowest levels ever seen...but where did all of this money come from?

  • Higher Rates Rallied the Dollar and Wrecked the Euro

    15.06.2017 • SwitzerlandComments Off on Higher Rates Rallied the Dollar and Wrecked the Euro

    The ECB intends to keep its rate constant in the face of the Fed's increase. The result: The euro has gone down against the dollar, and other currencies have exploded...

  • A French Perspective on Market Health

    24.05.2017 • United StatesComments Off on A French Perspective on Market Health

    If ever our shares on the stock market go down, we will see the intervention of the authorities in Europe ...We will probably see a new economic stimulus program by the ECB, which is already buying bonds from private companies, and debts from the states...

  • The ECB is Now the World’s Biggest Holder of Unpaid Debt

    17.05.2017 • United StatesComments Off on The ECB is Now the World’s Biggest Holder of Unpaid Debt

    Together, the Fed, the ECB, and the Bank of Japan now own about $12.5 trillion in assets.  What happens when they reclaim what they put in... when they un-prime the pump… when they reverse the great stock market liquidity boom of 2009–2017? Ai yi

  • The Beginning of the End of Europe

    14.03.2017 • Central BanksComments Off on The Beginning of the End of Europe

    Today’s Capital & Conflict is issuing an all-out alert. The inflation spectre is back. In Spain, Belgium and Germany inflation rates have been soaring since mid-2016. In Spain, prices have gone from falling 1% per year to rising 3%. In Belgium,

  • Why Greenspan is Right to Fear the Eurozone and TARGET 2

    06.02.2017 • Central Banks

    Simply put, Target 2 is an accounting system that keeps a tally of what bank owes what during transfers happening between European central banks. Does it matter if those electronic euros are stored in Germany or any other country? Not unless one of the

  • Greenspan Passes the Buck At Agora Roundtable

    23.01.2017 • Investing

    By Jim Walker – Asianomics (Hong Kong)  Sebastian Mallaby has written an autobiography of Alan Greenspan called The Man Who Knew. We have a copy but thankfully it was a gift and we did not have to part with any hard-earned cash ourselves. Last week, at

  • Expensive ECB Rescue of Italian Banks Imminent

    04.01.2017 • Central Banks

    If the European Central Bank, the ECB, were to agree to this rescue program, this would be a smooth breach of confidence within the Eurozone. The risks in Italy are not manageable.

  • A French Vision of the Eurozone in 2017

    03.01.2017 • Central Banks

    Simone Wapler – The Strategy of Simone Wapler (FRA) – It’s the end of the year. A civilized and conscientious biped is supposed to establish a balance and consult his crystal ball to reveal the trends of the following year. This will also be the

  • 2017: The Year of the Crash?

    03.01.2017 • The Economy

    The past year was not easy for us: Brexit, Donald Trump, the manipulations of the ECB. And one thing is for sure dear readers: the coming year will not be any easier!

  • Look for the Seeds of Change to Bloom in 2017

    03.01.2017 • The Economy

    Donald Trump was elected, but didn’t take office (and still hasn’t); Britain voted to leave the EU but is yet to actually leave, or even begin the formal legal process of leaving. Here are two key trends you can expect.

  • Italian Banking Sector Could Collapse On December 31st

    14.12.2016 • Central Banks

    If struggling bank Monte dei Paschi di Siena doesn’t resolve its financial issues by then, either through a restructuring or a capital injection, it could lead to a nightmare January for all of Europe.

  • What the Fed’s Dec. 14th Meeting Means for Europe

    09.12.2016 • Central Banks

    From Dec. 14th onward, expect things to get more expensive here in Germany and across Europe. As the European Central Bank simply watches the decision in the US, I call this "cold expropriation."

  • The 2016 Lehman Brothers

    16.09.2016 • Investing

    From the Southbank Private Briefing (Great Britain) – Here’s a question for the anniversary of the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy in 2008: is the world’s banking system actually worse off now than it was when it nearly destroyed capitalism? Think about

  • We Are Empty-Handed For the Next Global Recession

    16.09.2016 • Central Banks

    From The Gowdie Letter (Australia) – What a difference a week makes. Volatility has returned to markets. Last week’s update was an economic whistle-stop through Australia, the US and Europe. The deflationary signs — for those who care to look —

  • Mario Admits No European Growth for The Next Decade

    09.09.2016 • Central Banks

    From the Southbank Private Briefing (Great Britain)- How is quantitative easing (QE) as we know it going to die? Will it be with a bang or with a whimper? And will it take inflated bond prices with it when it goes? All important questions raised this week in

  • A Retreat From QE

    06.09.2016 • Central Banks

    From Capital & Conflict (GBR) – The summer ceasefire in the markets is over. The war – against deflation, against savers and against cash – is hotting up again. But which monetary generals are fighting the last war? And which front line is about

  • Can’t Beat the Market If You Are the Market

    16.05.2016 • Investing

    From  The Price of Everything (INDEPENDENT) – “In a finite world, high growth rates must self-destruct. If the base from which the growth is taking place is tiny, this law may not operate for a time. But when the base balloons, the party ends: A high

  • ECB to Kill the €500 Note

    05.05.2016 • Politics and War

    From Capital & Conflict (GBR) – Central planning, and the erosion of personal freedom – the European Central Bank’s governing council will meet to decide the fate of the €500 note. Prepare the bonfires. It does not look promising for the violet