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  • You Might Be Paying for the State to Fail

    12.09.2017 • SwitzerlandComments Off on You Might Be Paying for the State to Fail

    Progress is usually made by trial and error... but sometimes these trials can last generations. The key is to recognize failure quickly, and try something different. The French government is starting and subsidizing failing trials that could last multiple

  • No Fuse Box for the World’s Financial Circuitry.

    08.02.2017 • The EconomyComments (0)

    Faith is the glue that holds the financial system together. Anything that causes people to distrust the monetary system can cause a rapid collapse. Unlike a fuse box, which works whether you believe it will or not, the financial fail-safe is in our minds.

  • Why British Home Stores Failed

    27.04.2016 • The EconomyComments (0)

    From Merryn’s Blog (GBR) – BHS failed because it was a badly handled business laden with huge debt What killed BHS and how can we stop it happening again? I went on BBC Radio 4’s World Today last night to discuss the matter (you can listen to