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  • Coin Miners and Traders Could Cause a Climate Crisis

    12.12.2017 • FranceComments Off on Coin Miners and Traders Could Cause a Climate Crisis

    Crypto mining and trading consumes exactly 30.23 TWh per year. A single transaction uses the same amount of electricity as the daily consumption of more than nine US homes, according to the Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index. The system needs an eco-facelift

  • These Websites Force Your Computer to Mine Bitcoin

    20.11.2017 • United KingdomComments Off on These Websites Force Your Computer to Mine Bitcoin

    Zombies are here to stay. I’m talking about a new trend for online publishers to take over your computer’s “brain”, and force it to mine bitcoin. So, while you’re innocently watching cat videos, your PC is powered up to the max – and making money

  • Why Gold Miner Shares Disappoint

    02.10.2017 • SwitzerlandComments Off on Why Gold Miner Shares Disappoint

    Gold is a unique investment... in that the price of the miners' product changes every minute. It is affected by both economic and political trends and is therefore difficult to forecast. When the price of gold fell in 2012, many miners were left with tonnes

  • Bitcoin Beef #2: Mining Is a Waste of Resources

    06.09.2017 • United KingdomComments Off on Bitcoin Beef #2: Mining Is a Waste of Resources

    Mining bitcoin essentially mandates the purchase of a complex, expensive electricity-wasting machine. It doesn’t produce anything of direct social benefit.

  • Going to the ends of the Earth for phosphate

    18.05.2017 • United KingdomComments Off on Going to the ends of the Earth for phosphate

    As land-based resources become harder to extract, public and private sector experts alike have identified the potential for seabed mining of phosphate to nourish New Zealand farms.

  • How to Play the Mining Industry: An Insider’s Guide

    29.12.2016 • Gold and Natural Resources

    In this exclusive Q&A, Rick Rule explains the cycle of the mining industry, and why natural-resource-based businesses are at their most attractive at the same moment that everyone hates them.

  • Gold Prices Set to Triple Starting Today

    27.10.2016 • Investing

    I can tell you all about sulfide and oxide ore and all that stuff. Knowing that a gold deposit is a certain grade, or that it’s open in all direction, and all that other stuff you can know about mining: it doesn’t matter. Here’s what does.

  • Collapse of Australian Mining Boom Shifts Fortunes

    20.10.2016 • Investing

    Folks in mining areas are beginning to migrate to the east coast. That includes those who hail from the west, and those who went there from the east, seeking their fortune. Prices in Melbourne and Sydney are skyrocketing.

  • Gold Stocks Set For a Once-in-a-Decade Boom

    20.09.2016 • Gold and Natural Resources

    From Port Phillip Insider (Australia) by Shae Russell – Right now, gold is trading at US$1,315. Which is only US$3 per ounce higher than what it was at the start of the month. The short lived rally to US$1,350 10 days ago gave the gold bugs hope…but

  • Gold nuggets on scale

    ‘Mining Clock’ Predicts Golden Boom

    08.09.2016 • Gold and Natural Resources

    This week… one of our top experts on gold stocks explains why, despite recent weakness, they could double from here. Also revealed is an incredibly useful tool that will help you grasp where we are in the gold-market cycle.

  • Iron: A Dead Cat Bounce?

    11.03.2016 • Gold and Natural Resources, Tech

    From Port Phillip Insider (AUS) – The share prices of iron ore stocks have shot up like a rocket over the past week. After sinking below $15 per share in January, BHP Billiton Ltd ASX:BHP is now trading for $17.73. It’s up 26% from the low. It was