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  • Meet the Man Who Draws Money Out of Hot Air

    22.05.2017 • Gold and Natural ResourcesComments Off on Meet the Man Who Draws Money Out of Hot Air

     Andrew Lockley – Exponential Investor (Great Britain)-   You might think of heat as something you’d like to keep hold of. After all, that’s why you insulate your house. But in many other settings, we’re only too keen to reject heat. Air

  • Is Trump a Modern-Day Caligula?

    18.05.2017 • United StatesComments Off on Is Trump a Modern-Day Caligula?

    After Caligula recovered from an illness, he started acting funny. He spent lavishly, running through the fortune left to him by Tiberius in just a few years. Then he took vanity to a whole new level by appearing in public dressed as Hercules or Apollo.

  • China Looks to Build a New Silk Road

    15.05.2017 • Great BritainComments Off on China Looks to Build a New Silk Road

    While US President Donald Trump threatens countries with protectionism, China is offering cash to open up markets. International rail, ports, airports and everything else are expected to be on the to-do list. China’s direction isn’t just trade but a trade

  • Smugglers Send Cost of Bitcoin Soaring

    10.05.2017 • Great BritainComments Off on Smugglers Send Cost of Bitcoin Soaring

    Bitcoin is nationless. Its payment infrastructure is decentralized. This means it challenges the US government’s control over the international financial infrastructure. Smuggling is alive and well in our modern world, and bitcoin is the currency of choice.

  • US Market Goes From Illogical to Insane

    10.05.2017 • AustraliaComments Off on US Market Goes From Illogical to Insane

    Since the events of 2008–09, the US government has gone in ‘boots ‘n’ all’ to prop up the economy and market. Earnings have fallen 10% and the market has risen over 20%. It took US$33.5 trillion to produce US$1.9 trillion in economic growth. Does

  • Can Off-Grid Energy Turn On The Developing World?

    09.05.2017 • Great BritainComments Off on Can Off-Grid Energy Turn On The Developing World?

    Despite spending some $2.5 trillion on share buybacks over the last three years, and despite huge new inputs of buying, selling, investing, and speculating with cheap credit, earnings per share are lower today than they were in 2013.

  • How Long Will The Party Last?

    20.03.2017 • The EconomyComments Off on How Long Will The Party Last?

     By Selva Freigedo – Port Phillip Insider Extra (Australia) – It was late 1996. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan was writing a speech while in his bath tub — where he spent much of his time due to back pain — when he came up with

  • What’s Ailing America?

    10.03.2017 • The EconomyComments Off on What’s Ailing America?

     By Kris Sayce – Port Phillip Insider (Australia) – The Wall Street Journal reports: ‘U.S. household net worth climbed to a record $92.8 trillion in the fourth quarter of 2016, as the end-of-year surge in stocks and a steady climb in home

  • David Stockman Explains Why the Bond Bubble Will Burst

    09.02.2017 • The EconomyComments (0)

    As President Reagan’s budget director in the early 1980s, Stockman was the chief architect of the “Reagan Revolution.” Four years later, he quit the Reagan administration and wrote the New York Times best-seller “The Triumph of Politics: Why the

  • Goldman Sachs Laughs at Fraud Accusations

    28.12.2016 • Central BanksComments (0)

    Between 2007 and 2012, the bank attempted to move the so-called "Isdafix" to specific levels with certain agreements among dealers. When the Deutsche Bank tried this, they were fined 50 million dollars.

  • Tread Lightly: US Market Reaches Dangerous Historical Highs

    29.11.2016 • The EconomyComments (0)

    On 9 November, markets were down and out. With Trump in the Oval Office, the world was coming to an end. Fast forward 16 days and the Dow Jones has reached new all-time highs.

  • Save Yourself From the Fed’s Hunger Games

    22.09.2016 • The EconomyComments (0)

    Is the Fed becoming a parody of The Hunger Games? There are 13 “districts” in The Hunger Games. All of them are dominated by the Capitol – where all the elites, central planners, and wealthy live and prosper.

  • Pharoah on a Gold coin

    Myths, Maniacs, and Manipulated Money

    19.09.2016 • The EconomyComments (0)

    In the short run, the stock market responds to myths and fads. In the long run, these give way to facts. Remember, myths are not necessarily untrue. But whatever truth they have seeps from human imagination…

  • Spain & the US: An Austrian Perspective

    29.08.2016 • The EconomyComments (0)

     Ivan Carrino – The Monday Newspaper (Argentina) – The analysis by Rothbard seems very relevant, because it is a more general approach which I discussed in my book, talking on all the obstacles imposed by the government for our development and

  • Employment Casualties of a Ticking Time Bomb

    28.07.2016 • InvestingComments (0)

     From Gowdie Family Wealth (Australia)- Last weekend, our daughter invited my wife and I to a charity fundraising event in London, held by one of her friends. Those attending were aged in their mid-20s to early 30s. We were by far the oldest people