Bill Bonner: “Mr. Trump Is a Self-Promoter, Not a Revolutionary”


We guessed that this new breeze would be little different from the prevailing winds of the previous 20 years. It took a few months to tell the tale, but now we

We’ve Been Taking Growth Hormones Without Knowing!


China has taken this GDP growth obsession to another level. The government directive is ‘We will achieve 6.7% growth each and every year’. And,

You Can’t Hide from New App Buried in Your Web Browser


Individual liberty and privacy are not “in vogue” these days. The state and surveillance capitalists take an increasing interest in our lives, with little

Argentines Are Being Robbed (and They Don’t Even Know It)


The first week of April saw many protests, demonstrations, and strikes. Of all the complaints we heard, we were surprised that no one mentioned the heaviest

French Election Masks German Crisis


The recession in Germany is about to begin. It will lead to the collapse of several investment banks and numerous private equity firms, and equity markets will

India in Crisis – Homeowners Beware!


In India, home builders are holding onto massive unsold inventories because they refuse to lower prices. Over-priced homes, lack of market interest, and unsold

This is the Last Issue of Market in 5 Minutes


The end of our newsletter marks the beginning of a new phase of our company: bigger and completely restructured. And we want you to be a part of it.

Market Volatility Pushes Up Gold Prices


By Sean Corrigan – Wealthy Nations (Hong Kong) – Inevitably, the confrontational foreign policy which the new Trump regime has suddenly adopted

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